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News : New Server 2
I have updated the server to a new one as the old one was on it's last legs. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition!
Plutonic - 08/03/2014

News : More MapGEN
Can't beleive this is the last place I'm posting this! The latest MapGEN - v0.3.1 can be found here!
Plutonic - 04-11-2009

News : MapGen
Latest version of MapGEN (v0.2.3.2) is now available through the download pages. Includes a number of bug fixes and optimisations, along with first pass RR maps.
Plutonic - 06-09-2008

News : New Server
I'm sorry for the downgrade, its going to be horrible. It probably wont be permenant but I'm not staying with my current hosts any more, so we are now on my backup PC which i have now set up as a server. I might be able to get a better connection for it, either that or I will pay for a new host in a couple of months.
Anonymous - 07-07-2006

News : WCC Userbars
Have now created WCC Userbars for those registered here. They automatically show your username, rank and user type.

All you have to do is have your image src set to:


Here are examples:

Plutonic - 21-04-2006

News : Welcome
Welcome to Worms Clan Council Version 3. I've been working on a number of things the last few years, not least of all my degree! However, I will be trying to finish off this version in the near future, so look forward to all the random features we had in the last, and perhaps a final release of the long hidden worms photo gallery. Here's to hoping!
Plutonic - 13-01-2006

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